Tenyo T-71 Rope To Silk

Tenyo T-71 Rope To Silk
Shigeru Sugawara

Examinable : No / Non
Effect : 7/10
Quality and finish : Very good / Très bonne

You show a very soft rope to your audience. By stroking the rope it becomes rigid and stands vertically with no support. With one more stroke of the rope it magically changes to a beautiful silk handkerchief. Our apparatus for this trick is much superior to some you may have seen before. You can also perform other effects whit the rope before you do the stiffening effect.

Vous montrez une petite corde souple à votre public. D'un mouvement la corde devient rigide et tient verticalement, sans aucun support. D'un autre mouvement la corde se change magiquement en un foulard de soie.

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