Tenyo 1930s Magic tricks

Tenyo Magic Tricks 

Rarity : ★★★★★★
Discontinued / Production terminée
Only in Japan / Seulement au Japon 

 Here is a set of very rare magic tricks sold in Japan by Tenyo before the Pacific War in 1941. At this time the plastic did not exist and all the magic tricks were made with wood, metal or paper. Each trick was packaged in a pretty little colored cardboard box on which a rectangle of paper, with the name of the effect, was pasted. The box was then wrapped in tissue paper and two round stickers, one representing the old Tenyo logo and the other on which are inscribed "made​in Japan", are used to seal the package. Among these tricks include classics like a fake thumb made out of metal.

Voici un ensemble de tours de magie très rares vendu au Japon par Tenyo avant la guerre du pacifique en 1941. A cette époque le plastique n'existait pas encore et tout les tours de magie étaient fabriqués avec des matériaux nobles comme le bois, le métal ou le papier. Chaque tour était emballé dans une jolie petite boite en carton coloré sur laquelle un rectangle de papier indiquant le nom de l'effet était collé. La boite était ensuite emballée dans un papier de soie et deux stickers ronds, l'un représentant l'ancien logo de Tenyo et l'autre sur lequel sont inscrit made in Japan, sont utilisés pour sceller l'emballage.  Parmi ces tours on retrouve des classiques comme un faux pouce en métal.


  1. be nice to see some of these oldies released again (like the rattle bars), and definatly ULTRA-TUBE should be the first to be re-issued (i missed that one, and thought it was the same trick as the tunnel of darkness I WAS WRONG so WRONG), its a bit like the dice stack new version but the original is better. and how about ninja experiment for second place (the ending does give away the trick) update it by using a lever system in the base and just pull out the pencil instead of lifting upwards would be better.... we definitely want to see ULTRA-TUBE its a WOW of a trick. these new ones are to easy to work out after you watch them twice.

  2. VOTE for ULTRA-TUBE to be released again, PLEASE. for 2015/16.

  3. You see fused branches more often in weeping Japanese maples, japanese magic method review

  4. I have one of those thumbs in the pic it was given to me by my Grandpa