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Message from Richard Kaufman,
Here's the info!

After two years of intensive work, we’re pleased to announce that Tenyo-ism is now available for shipping . The layout of almost 1,400 pages is complete and we are now in the final round of proofreading, with every detail being checked by Hiroshi Kondo and Tomoyuki Shimomura, both of whom worked in Tenyo’s Creative Division for many decades.

The books contain an entry on every trick which Tenyo has marketed outside Japan, as well as most of the tricks sold only in Japan, since 1964.

With an introduction by David Copperfield and a new essay by musician Alan Parsons, the book is divided into four main sections:

1. An overview of the history of Tenyo Shokyokusai and the origin of the Tenyo Magic Lab; and it’s growth under his son Akira Yamada into the Tenyo Company Ltd.

2. An item-by-item chronological review of virtually every Tenyo effect released since 1965, including many items sold only in Japan, such as the Plus One series and the Magician’s Selection series. Many prototypes for effects are discussed, including the original handlings for numerous Tenyo effects. There are also an enormous number of new handlings for many familiar Tenyo tricks not only by the Tenyo staff, but also by Dr. Sawa. Tom Stone, R. Paul Wilson, Dick Koornwinder, Tomas Blomberg, Dan Harlan, Michael Weber, Sebastian Clergue, Akira Fujii, Kazuyuki Hase, Angelo Carbone, Lubor Fiedler, Mark Setteducati, Shinya Ooike, Simon Corneille, Steve Vil, Yasuo Amano, Brad Henderson, Tomoaki “Billy” Masuda, Atsushi Yoshida, Kenji Shimizu, and Tenyo demonstrators Kazumasa Shimizu and Jindai Nishikawa.

3. A sampler of Tenyo’s older magic sets and tricks from the 1930s through the early 1960s, as well as many of their marketed parlor magic props.

4. An entire book-within-a-book of other magic invented by the members of Tenyo’s Creative Division, past and present: Takuya Yoshizawa, Hideo Kato, Shigeru Sugawara, Hiroshi Kondo, Tomoyuki Shimomura, Toru Suzuki, Kenichi Komiya, Takayuki Kumazawa, Takahisa Inaba, and So Sato.

Each set will consist of:
* Two 700-page books bound in fine cloth in a slipcase
* Three DVDs with all of the official Tenyo demonstration videos plus many new effects
* The props for three Tenyo tricks not sold outside Japan.

This is our own version of Kickstarter: the books are all color and must be printed in China for the best quality. It’s expensive, and as a thank you to those who preorder now and assist in the task of helping get this book published, you will have a unique opportunity to have your name included on a special page at the back of the book as a thank you for your support in advance of publication.

The price is $250
Use Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, or PayPal to Order
(Send us your card number, expiration date, phone number, and signature)
Checks or money orders (in U.S. Dollars only, payable to a U.S. bank) payable to Richard Kaufman.
PayPal to: genii@geniimagazine.com
We cannot accept foreign checks that are not payable to a United States bank.
The set of books weighs 16 pounds.
For postage please add: U.S. and Canada: $50
Europe and the UK: $65
Asia and Australia: $100

For ordering: http://kaufman.geniimagazine.com/


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  2. For Tenyo fans a must have. A joy to read and watching the DVDs.

  3. For Tenyo fans a must have. A joy to read and watching the DVDs.

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