Tenyo T-130 Tricky Business

 Tenyo T-130 Tricky Business
Hiroshi Kondo

Examinable : Not necessities / Pas nécessaire
Rarity : ★★★
Effect : 10/10
Design : 10/10
Quality and finish : Very Good / Très bonne

Discontinued / Production terminée  

 As you go to hand your business card to a spectator, you suddenly notice that it is blank on both sides. No problem ! You insert the blank card into your magical printing machine and it is initialed by a spectator. A magic word or two and the same initialed card now has printing on the other side! Use your own business cards, or use the Magician cards supplied with this trick. This is so easy to do, yet even if you are only inches away, you cannot discover the diabolically clever secret. The blank card NEVER LEAVES SIGHT OF THE AUDIENCE. The perfect trick to introduce and give away your business card ! 

 En donnant votre carte de visite à un spectateur, vous remarquez soudainement qu'elle est blanche sur les deux côtés. Aucun problème! Une carte de visite vierge est introduite dans un boîtier muni d'une petite fenêtre: c'est votre imprimante personnelle! C'est par cette fenêtre qu'un spectateur est invité à déposer sa signature sur la carte qui est restée en vue pendant tout le tour. Le boîtier est ouvert, la carte signée est retirée mais elle n'est plus vierge et est désormais imprimée comme une carte de visite normale. Un très beau tour car le spectateur ne quitte jamais des yeux la carte vierge, il y appose même sa signature et pourtant celle ci s'imprime en un instant ! Le tour est fourni avec un lot de carte vierges et un lot de carte imprimées, le tour est vendu avec un très joli étui de rangement noir. L'imprimante est en plastique et en métal dans un style très réussit comme vous pouvez le voir sur la photo.


  1. This entry follows a pattern you use in several other posts: you copy the English blurb of the trick, you translate to French and then you provide your own thoughts in French.

    May I suggest that you more clearly separate your own comments from the blurb? I (and probably others) tend to skip the trick description if there is a video, and since your comments are part of the French translation, it would be a pity to unknowingly skip your thoughts on the trick: that's what makes the blog personal.

  2. On the base I wanted to make a personal review of tricks but the problem it is that I am not rather good in English so that it is done well. It is as well for it, regrettably, that I contented with copying out just the notes. And the google translation is not really perfect so that I can use it.

    I would have been able to make simply the site in French but I know that the majority of people understand English and not French, then I tried to do the best. The site is always under construction and I try to polish up things little by little By spanking my own description for French at least.

  3. I really appreciate you taking the effort to make this site in English. Your English is not perfect, but it is completely understandable and much better than my French!. I agree with the other poster that the best thing about these pages is your thoughts and review of the trick. I wish every trick had a review but the like the other poster, sometimes I'm confused as to whether I'm reading your thoughts or just the blurb. Anyway, I really want to thank you how much work you have done.

  4. Also, I wanted to mention, if you don't mind, that you seem to always write "whit" when you mean "with". Thanks again! Merci!- kamus

  5. Thank you for your message.
    First concerning the "with" error I am now aware and try not to make the mistake, and I try to correct in other post too.
    In fact it should be understood that I began to create all the post to make the site faster to complete and now I only corrects errors, written review, complete each post one by one. There is still much to be done because a large number of articles have been written in haste.
    Gradually each tricks should have a more clear description with well-defined personal opinion aside from the official description.
    Over time the blog will become better and more complete, I try to do our best but given the large number of articles I quickly tend to get lost in what has been done and what remains to be done. Anyway I can not thank you enough for the time you spend to give me your opinion to make the site better

  6. Thank you for the response. You are doing a great job. Even though there are not many comments I know that many people don't like to comment and I'm sure many of them really appreciate your work too!

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