Tenyo 2016

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Official Tenyo video with the 4 tricks


1-Future Puzzle created by Sou Sato
A box is shown with jigsaw puzzle pieces.  Spectator is ask to name any picture playing card.  (Jack, Queen or King of any suit.)  Box is opened and the puzzle pieces are dumped out.  Spectator is asked to assemble the puzzle.  When assembled, the card shown will match the one the spectator named


2- Magic of the plunger!  
As part of the “World’s Greatest Magic” line, Tenyo is releasing their version of a contemporary trick that many professionals are using.  Spectator is shown a deck of cards and a tiny plunger.  Spectator is asked to name any number.  The plunger is then pressed on top of the deck.  When lifted, a number of cards get picked up with it.  The number of cards lifted match the chosen number.

Further,  Spectator selects a card and returns it anywhere in the deck and then shuffles the cards. Magician then asks spectator to think of the card. Magician places tiny plunger on spectator’s forehead to “extract their thoughts”. Magician then takes the plunger off spectator’s forehead and places it on top of the shuffled deck.  When lifted, a number of cards come off with the plunger with the chosen card remaining on top of the deck!


3- Strange Dog houseby Sou Sato
A white plastic container with three compartments is shown. A different color sponge dog is in each compartment.A spectator chooses a color and the container is covered. When it is opened the dogs have all changed to one color. It's a fun magic that uses a unique gimmick.


4- Ghost camera
Magician asks spectator to select a card, and put it back in the deck which is then shuffled. The deck is covered by a handkerchief. Magician takes a picture with a smart phone.  Magically, the selected card will appear in the photo, even though the cards can’t be seen within the handkerchief.

Bonus effect:  Spectator chooses one of 4 coins which are then placed on different corners of a handkerchief.  Magician then takes a picture with a smart phone.  Magically, the a hand will appear in the photo pointing to the selected coin, even though the hand can’t be seen on the handkerchief.