Tenyo T-222 Fortune Sticks

Tenyo T-222 Fortune Sticks
Toru Suzuki


Examinable : Yes / Oui

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Effect : 17,3/20
Design : 16,6/20

Quality and finish : Very Good / Très bonne
Discontinued / Production terminée

The magician displays three sticks, each of which contains eight random designs. After turning his back, the magician instructs the spectator to select any one of those designs, and to stare at it intently, to lock it into his mind. The spectator mixes the three sticks so that there is no chance that anyone can discover which design he has chosen. However, by simply passing his hand over the sticks, the magician can immediately reveal the mentally-selected design.

Design divinations are a popular form of mentalism, and this prop enables you to read minds with ease. You can further increase the mystery by offering a fortune-telling twist as you reveal the thought-of design, such as: "I sense that your love life will reach new peaks in the coming month. You are concerned with affairs of the heart. For this reason, you must have chosen the 'heart'." The method in which you learn the spectator's thought is easy, yet completely baffling. It is based on a brand new, very subtle and clever system that you can learn right away.

This magic trick is very popular among magicians because it can be carried in your pocket anywhere, it is examinable and it has a nice sleek design. Thus the sticks are very pleasant to handle and are of good quality made. In addition the colorful design can certainly raise the interest and curiosity of your audience. The gimmick itself is undetectable and very subtle... maybe too subtle and you will need good lighting to perform this effect. This is the only weak point of Fortune Sticks. Nevertheless you will probably have a lot of fun with these little magic sticks. Finally aware that a small pouch case is provided in the box to protect and easily carry the sticks.

Le magicien donne au spectateur un jeu de trois bâtonnets sur chacun desquels sont dessinés des symboles. Le magicien tourne le dos au spectateur qui choisi secrètement un symbole et aligne les bâtonnets de manière à placer côte à côte les dessins identiques qu'il à choisi. Puis il mélange les bâtonnets et les cache dans son poing. Pourtant, à peine le magicien s'est-il retourné qu'il est capable de nommer le dessin choisi.


Ce tour est très apprécié des magiciens car il peut être emmené partout dans votre poche, il est examinable et il bénéficie d'un design soigné et joli. De ce fait les bâtonnets sont très agréables à prendre en main, le plastique est de bonne qualité, et les couleurs vives utilisées ainsi que les symboles imprimés dessus susciteront à coup sur l'intérêt et la curiosité de votre public. Le truc en lui même est indétectable et très subtil, trop subtil peut être et il vous faudra un bon éclairage pour présenter cet effets. C'est la le seul point faible de Fortune Stick. Malgré tout vous prendrez surement beaucoup de plaisir a utiliser ces petits bâtonnets magiques. Pour finir sachez qu'un petit étui de rangement est fourni dans la boite pour protéger et transporter facilement le tour.


Tenyo Elite Edition

Review from Kevin Gardner at Magiccafe.com forum:
The booklet is very well made, it's not a piece of folded paper, it is a nice little book printed on high quality glossy paper. The photos and instructions are clear. You receive excellent patter ideas that can turn this trick into a serious and respectable mentalism routine.
The case is either made of leather or vinyl, I don't know, either way the case adds a touch of class and professionalism to the performance. Instead of taking the sticks out of your pocket you take out this classy looking case and slowly reveal each stick. When the trick is over you put the sticks back in the case and it looks nice and lends a sense of sophistication to your presentation.
The colorful anodized aluminum is perfect for this prop, the sticks have a great weight to them and they are durable. The original plastic version looks like a toy, the Tenyo Elite version looks like something serious and substantial. The metal sticks are much more durable than wood - I'm glad they are not made of wood.
The laser etching is fantastic because the the icons will never rub off. I doubt wood could have been etched this finely. Part of the presentation requires the spectator to rub the sticks together, some people will rub softly and some harshly, some will even accidently drop the sticks, whatever happens the durable construction will insure that the sticks will remain in good condition.
For the hight cost my theory is that there are many factors that contribute to the high cost of this item: The cost of raw materials. These props are made in North America. Small quality of props produced. Precision of etching and overall machining.
Any time you turn your back to the spectator you run the risk of things going wrong. Any time you give props to the spectator you risk the spectator not operating them correctly. The first three times I performed this trick the spectator did not understand my instructions, it was a learning experience.
The only negative attribute about the Tenyo Elite Fortune Sticks is that the yellow stick is light in color and some spectators may not be able to see the white icons against the pale yellow color.
The Elite version is worth the money, you will receive durable props that will last a lifetime. Unlike many mentalism effects this effect can be repeated several times with different outcomes. It's not a coin trick, it's not a card trick, and it's not a sucker effect. The quality of these props and the suggested patter will give you several minutes of quality mentalism.

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  1. Super tour de mentalisme qui peut mettre au défis de nombreux magiciens car l'astuce est limite indétectable. Je suis d'accord pour dire qu'un bon éclairage est son point faible. J'ajouterai aussi, après l'avoir manipulé une quinzaine de fois, que le frottement des bâtons entre-eux a tendance à effacer les symboles.