2015 Tenyo catalog


  1. can anyone give any idea what these effects are? or better still shall we guess and see who comes closest? here are my suggestions

    Great Escape! (Dai Dasshutsu!) 1800 yen - card escape bit like escape king?
    Magic Butterfly 1600 yen - thinking its a butterfly that comes to life or multiplies?
    Magical Alchemy (Mahou no renkinjutsu) 1600 yen - the change of 1 object to a metal one?
    Magical Security (Mahou no Security) 1400 yen - http://youtu.be/w0J-I0K2dVA?t=6m33s ?

  2. Hi Jay,
    Great Escape is great. A die is placed on a metal plate and is covered with a cloth. You can see the die throught the cloth. Slowly the die is pushed thru the metal plate!

    Magical Alchemy. A ball is placed between 2 plates and is pushed together. Ending as a flat piece of metal. But then that piece is changed into a coin.

    Magic security (probably calles Security Lock) is indeed as the youtube (starting at 6:34)

    Magic Butterfy, a butterfly appeares inside a little box. You can also do colour changes. But you can also change a coin into another with the box or even do a voodoo piece of magic...

  3. Effects arrived today, a fantastic set of effects even impressed my wife with butterfly and security

  4. How do I see what's the tricks cost the price of each trick ?

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