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 Tenyo-Ism Book is now available ! 
I'm proud and very happy  to have been able to participate and help to this incredible project, you can buy this piece of history without any hesitation :



TENYO will release this one soon :
"Never before card magic like this. : Easy to perform!
KiLa Style : Attractive performance with Patter Story Card Magic"

A Japanese magician named KiLa teached 5 tricks with cards on this 40 minute DVD.
He sometime appears on Japanese TV and performs his version of "Sam the Bellhop".
He teaches an easy version of his "Sam the Bellhop"

New Frozen Tenyo Magic

-Coloring Book
-Magic Cards


Tenyo Marvel Comics Magic

With Tenyo having the license for Walt Disney Company products in Japan for many years, it is not surprising that with Disney's acquisition of Marvel Comics, Tenyo has started to produce what will likely be the first of many magic tricks using Marvel superheros. The first items are a pair of existing tricks rethemed to Spiderman. The first is a Spiderman Coloring Book (which has an authentic vintage cover), which offers two changes: black and white blank comic panels to full-color; the second is a Stripper Deck with a Spiderman back. Both are available now. Tenyo has also produced a jigsaw puzzle with a Spiderman comic book cover.


Toru Suzuki new trick.

This trick is not sold by Tenyo but Tenyo's Chief of the Creative Division has just put out a new packet trick titled "Cheese Mystery." It is being sold in the west by Seo-Magic here. 5 sliced cheese are mysteriously being bitten one at a time...In the climax, the mystery will be figured out/resolved.


New Tenyo Elite Zig Zag Cig

After a huge amount of painstaking R&D on something we were told was impossible to do, we now introduce to you the latest edition to the Tenyo Elite Line! Tenyo Elite Zig Zag Cig.
Limited Run. Now Taking Pre-orders! First come first serve.  Visit Tenyo Elite Website.

This is a miniaturized version of the large stage illusion, where a woman is zig-zagged into 3 parts. In the basic effect of the Zig Zag Cig, a cigarette is placed into a small wood box, and through windows in the box it remains in full view. While the spectators are actually looking at the cigarette, the middle portion of the box is pulled to the side, cutting the cigarette into 3 separate pieces. These pieces can be immediately removed and examined. The 3 pieces are then put back into the box, and the middle portion is pushed back into place, instantly restoring the cigarette! The cigarette can then be handed out to the spectators for examination. In alternate versions for non-smokers, the performer can instead use a small golf pencil or metal bar (both included with this trick) to be cut into 3 pieces and then restored again.
  • Meticulously hand-crafted out of Canadian Maple wood, and lacquered to a gleaming finish.
  • Remarkably this gorgeous piece has been designed and built so that the wood looks seamless, with no end-grain showing on the outside of the box.
  • Beautifully pad-printed black ring design.
  • Comes with golf pencils and aluminum bars for non-smoking presentations.
  • Includes a new routine specifically written for the included aluminum bar.
  • Made for performers and collectors alike.
  • Each Zig Zag Cig is handsomely boxed and comes with a lovely black draw-string carrying pouch, and photo illustrated instructions in English and Japanese.


Akira Yamada founder of the Tenyo Company

As the last minutes of 19 June 2013 closed, so the world of magic became a smaller place with the passsing of Tenyo founder Akira Yamada san. He was 81. His contribution to the magic art is immeasurable. Just as Beethoven lives forever & shines with each performance of the 5th symphony ... just as Van Gogh stands tall with each fresh new viewing of any of his masterpieces, Akira Yamada achieves immortality with each and every eager performance of Billscape, Ultra Tube, et al.  The Fellowship is unified in its gratitude to you Sir.

Alors que les dernières heures de la journée du 19 juin 2013 s’égrenaient, le monde de la magie est devenu soudain orphelin avec la mort du fondateur de Tenyo Akira Yamada san. Il avait 81 ans. Sa contribution à l'art de la magie est incommensurable. Tout comme Beethoven qui vivra et brillera à jamais à chaque nouveau concert de la V ème symphonie... comme Van Gogh dont l'immensité nous saisit à chaque fois que l'on regarde à nouveau un de ses chefs d'oeuvre, Akira Yamada restera immortel à chaque fois qu'un magicien présentera Billscape, Ultra Tube ou n'importe quel tour de magie créé par Tenyo.  Toute la communauté s’unit aujourd'hui pour vous dire merci, merci pour tout.

Akira Yamada surrounded by Tenyo Team

Tenyo 2014 advertising


 New Disney versions of Tenyo tricks !!

English :
New Disney versions of Coin Coaster, Trap Box, Blue Crystal, and Invisible Zone! All of them are very beautiful adapation of great classic from Tenyo with nice package. Disney Coin Coaster comes with special Mickey coin. As you can see the case of Invisible Zone has a new rectangle design.  They will be released in mid-October in Japan and cost $15 each. 

Français :
Voici les nouvelles versions Disney de Coin Coaster, Trap Box, Blue Crystal, et Invisible Zone ! Les 4 tours sont des très belles adaptations de grands classiques de chez Tenyo et le packaging est très réussi. La version Disney de Coin Coaster est livrée avec une pièce de monnaie Mickey. Comme vous pouvez le voir le design de la boite d'invisible Zone a été modifié et est désormais de forme rectangulaire. Tout ces nouveaux tours seront commercialisé à la mi-octobre au Japon pour le prix de 15$ chacun.


 Tenyo Book Updates

Richard Kaufman tells me that the contents of the Tenyo book have grown and it is now likely to be almost 600 pages. He has uncovered many many Tenyo tricks entirely unknown to western magicians. He has been given permission by Tenyo to include full explanations of quite a few of these items. He is in contact with several Tenyo collectors in Japan who have provided much new material. Also, several famous magicians have contributed their handlings of Tenyo effects that have never been published before. In addition, it appears that he has been able to get some additional signature pages done for those on the waiting list for the deluxe edition. He also saw the new line of four tricks for release later this yeardemonstrated at the Tenyo office a few weeks ago and says they're great.
Richard Kaufman m'a indiqué que le livre Tenyo qu'il prépare devient chaque jour un peu plus important et ce n'est pas moins de 600 pages que devrait contenir l'ouvrage final ! Il a eu accès à des dizaines de tours Tenyo encore inconnus des magiciens occidentaux. Il a reçu la permission de Tenyo d'inclure dans le livre les explications complètes de quelques uns de ces tours bien mystérieux. Il est aussi en contact avec de nombreux collectionneurs au Japon qui lui ont prêté de nombreux effets. De plus, plusieurs magiciens célèbres ont apporté leur contribution en expliquant leurs astuces et routines personnelles qui n'ont jamais été publiées dans le passé. Une autre bonne nouvelle est que Richard a réussi à obtenir de nouvelles pages de signatures et cela offrira une chance à ceux qui sont dans la liste d'attente pour l'édition Deluxe d'obtenir un exemplaire. Pour terminer, lors de son dernier voyage au Japon, Tenyo lui a fait une présentation personnelle des 4 effets de la nouvelle collection pour 2014 et Richard m'a dit que cette année sera vraiment très bonne, et particulièrement pour le tour de Lubor Fiedler et celui avec la vision rayonX!

 Tenyo Magic Painting 

In Japan Tenyo has announced that T-193 Magic Painting is available again for sale. This is not the first time this great trick is re-edited. You can buy it now in the Magico-Japan Ebay shop for only 18$ (click here). 

Au Japon Tenyo à annoncé que T-193 Magic Painting est disponible à nouveau à la vente. Ce n'est pas la première fois que cet effet est ré-édité. Vous pouvez l'acheter des maintenant pour seulement 18$ (15euros) dans la boutique Ebay de Magico Japan (cliquez ici)


 Tenyo Book !

Richard Kaufman made a deal with Tenyo to produce a book on all of their magic effects with their full cooperation. Here is his message about this incredible project :

"I just returned from Japan, where I interviewed all the major creators of Tenyo's tricks. Each interview was four hours long and very detailed. I also interviewed the founder of the Tenyo company, Akira Yamada. 
This new Tenyo book is NOT merely a catalogue of what Tenyo has produced. The results of my interviews have exceeded my wildest hopes: stories behind the creation of most items, additional handlings, both photographs and videos of prototypes--both those that made it to market and those that didn't. And there will be full descriptions of dozens of tricks by the Tenyo creative team that have never been manufactured, but which you can make and perform. I have 32 hours of audio interviews from my trip, plus hours of video and hundreds of photographs. You will see many many pages of early Tenyo catalogues reproduced that show things you've always been curious about. Plus I will show many Tenyo items that have never been seen in the United States. Each book will come with an envelope containing the props for at least four tricks by those who have created tricks for Tenyo. The book should be between 300 and 400 pages and in full color, including at least two DVDs tipped onto the inner covers.

There will be a deluxe edition with a page signed by a dozen members of the Tenyo creative team, including all the original members (Hideo Kato, Shigeru Sugawara, Hiroshi Kondo, Takuya Yoshizawa, Tomoyuki Shimomura, Tooru Suzuki, and Dr. Sawa). The deluxe edition will also contain props for two additional tricks. The regular edition will, as of this early moment, likely cost $150. It might rise to $200. Since deluxe editions cost double the regular edition (this has been my pricing plan since the mid 1980s when I produced my first deluxe edition), that is why I stated the deluxe edition of the Tenyo book will cost $300 to $400. For a true Tenyo fan, having a copy of the book that has been signed by ALL the major Tenyo creators should in my estimation be worth the money. This is something that, even if you lived in Japan, would be impossible for you to accomplish. Plus, slipcases cost a fortune. Plus I have to buy one prop, and have a second manufactured, for the deluxe edition.  

All deluxe editions have been pre-ordered, however a waiting list is being taken in case some of those those who have pre-ordered do not pay or additional copies become available." If you wish to be placed on the waiting list for a deluxe copy, email me at to reserve your copy.

Richard Kaufman a fait un deal avec Tenyo afin de produire un livre en Anglais sur cette incroyable entreprise. Voici un extrait du message qu'il a envoyé afin de dévoiler cet incroyable projet:
"Je viens juste de rentrer du Japon ou j'ai rencontré tout les créateurs des tours de magie Tenyo. Chaque interview a durée 4 heures et était très détaillé. Ce livre en Anglais sur Tenyo que je prépare ne sera pas simplement un catalogue de ce que Tenyo a produit, il contiendra de nouvelles routines, les coulisses du développement, des astuces, des photos et vidéos des prototypes, de nombreux tours des inventeurs de chez Tenyo qui n'ont jamais été publiés en Anglais, des reproductions des catalogues Japonais, et bien plus encore. Il y aura aussi au moins deux DVD attachés sous la couverture. Chaque livre sera livré avec une enveloppe contenant le matériel pour présenter au moins 4 tours crées par les inventeurs de chez Tenyo. Le livre fera entre 300 et 400 pages tout en couleur."

Une version de luxe est prévue, elle sera numérotée, elle contiendra entre autre une couverture spéciale, une page signée par tout les créateurs de chez Tenyo ainsi que du matériel pour présenter deux tours supplémentaires. Cette version de luxe coutera entre 300 et 400$ (230-300euros). Cela parait cher mais c'est le prix habituel pour des éditions de prestige dans le domaine de la magie et le travail à fournir pour écrire un tel livre est énorme car il faut voyager au japon de nombreuses fois. Hélas tout les exemplaires de la version deluxe ont deja été réservé mais il est possible d’être placé sur une liste d'attente au cas oui quelqu'un se désiste. Envoyez un mail à et votre nom sera inscrit sur la liste. Heureusement une édition classique sera vendue et disponible pour tous pour environ deux fois moins chère que la version deluxe.


Tenyo's Facebook

Last year Tenyo opened a facebook page in Japan :
If like me you do not especially like this website, know that everyone can follow the updates without needing to be registered. Obviously the text is in Japanese but it is easy to  translate. I guess more there will be people following the page, more there will be a chance that Tenyo publishes exclusive information and preview. In any way, this is a modern way that allows a direct dialogue and contact between Tenyo and its customers.

L'année dernière Tenyo a ouvert sa page Facebook :
Si comme moi vous n'aimez pas spécialement ce site, sachez que tout le monde peut suivre les mises à jour sans avoir besoin d’être inscrit.  Évidemment les textes sont en japonais mais il est facile de faire un traduction si vraiment une news vous intéresse. Pour le reste j'imagine que plus la page Tenyo sera populaire, plus on pourra espérer que l'entreprise publie des informations en avant première. De plus c'est un moyen moderne qui permet un contact et un dialogue plus direct entre Tenyo et ses clients.

 Tenyo Team at work

-The magic tricks Fortune Stick / Origami Tube / Salt Cup are now already Discontinued and Antigravity Rock / Credit Surprise / Magical Door will be discontinued very soon. If you do not have these magic tricks or want to buy more copies this is the time to go to Magico-Japan Shop.

-La production de Fortune Stick / Origami Tube / Salt Cup a déjà été arrêtée et celle des tours Antigravity Rock / Credit Surprise / Magical Door le sera très prochainement. Si vous ne possédez pas encore ces tours ou si vous voulez en acheter d'autres exemplaires c'est le moment d'aller faire un tour dans la boutique de Magico-Japan.


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